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How do I terminate my participation in the automatic payments program?

To terminate your participation in the automatic payments program, please go to Make a Payment and log into the Customer Portal. On the Policies screen, find the policy you wish to remove automatic payments from and click the Yes/No button under Automatic payments. A confirmation box will appear, review the policy number to ensure you selected the correct policy and then click confirm.

Your enrollment termination must be received at least 5 business days prior to your scheduled withdrawal in order to be effective for that installment. Once your enrollment termination is processed, your policy will be endorsed to direct bill and you will begin to receive invoices for each installment due. Your payment plan will be assigned according to the direct bill payment option that most resembles your previous automatic payment plan, which may result in an increase in your scheduled payments. Please note that a 12 pay plan is not offered for direct bill, if you were enrolled in the automatic 12 pay plan you will be assigned to the direct bill 10 pay plan.