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FAQ Category: Billing FAQs

How long will it take Cumberland to process my credit card payment?

If your policy number ends with P2018 or later, your payment is posted the day it is processed including weekends and holidays. For all other policy numbers, payments made before 7:45 pm EST Sunday through Thursday will post to your account that night. Payments processed after 7:45 pm EST Sunday through Thursday are delayed one day. Payments made Friday and Saturday will post to your account on Sunday night. Payments are not processed on holidays.

How can I change my current payment plan?

Changes to your automatic payment plan can be made through the customer billing portal. Any other requests for plan changes must be made directly to your agent.

Why is my bill amount different than last month’s invoice?

Your bill amount may be different due to several reasons. Some of the more common reasons are as follows:
a. Endorsement premium charge or credit
b. Cancellation of policy
c. Overpayment or underpayment of a previous invoice
d. Audit charge or credit (commercial only)