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Cumberland Employee Shares Collaboration Experiences at Technology Conference

June 13, 2012

CSC, one of the largest providers of software to the insurance industry, recently hosted their annual Business and Technology Conference in New Orleans for customers, employees, and partner companies. This year they invited Brad Rall, a computer programmer from Cumberland, to speak as part of their Social Media track. Companies are discovering that social media websites represent value to the industry directly by providing resources for collaboration, and indirectly in the insights they provide about consumer interests. Brad, who serves as Vice Chairperson of CSC’s Customer Community Board, focused on how Cumberland and other CSC customers are sharing experiences surrounding their CSC software via a social website called Wikonnect. He discussed several examples of how Wikonnect has saved Cumberland substantial time and effort by tapping into a network of CSC customers and employees to solve problems. As Brad stated, “mid-sized companies like Cumberland don’t have the luxury of having specialists in every area of technology, but through partnerships with companies like CSC and by sharing experiences with other CSC customers, we’re able to bridge the gap and support a variety of technology comparable with very large companies.”