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Cumberland Insurance Group Announces Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Results

August 2, 2010

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, NJ: The Cumberland Insurance Group, a premier regional insurance company serving the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, today announced customer satisfaction survey results for the second quarter of 2010. The program was initiated in 2005, and for the 20th consecutive quarter the company maintained an outstanding 98% combined customer satisfaction rating for both staff and independent adjusters. In addition, survey results show that an overwhelming majority of respondents would recommend Cumberland Insurance to their family and friends based on their experience with the Company.

“Throughout the business relationship, we ask our clients, ‘how are we doing and what can we do better?’ The Client Satisfaction Survey puts a formal and measurable program around those questions,” said Harold P. Gunning, Senior Vice President of Claims. “The questionnaire, which is distributed to a random sampling of policyholders following the resolution of a claim, uses a mix of open-ended questions about the claimant’s overall experience, as well as a performance evaluation of the individual handling the claim. The information we are able to gather also allows us to identify excellence in staff performance, reward best practices, improve customer retention, and expand our customer base.”

While survey results provide valuable metrics, nothing is more gratifying than receiving a heartfelt letter from a policyholder who the Company was able to help in their time of need. “We recently received a letter from Anthony Iozzia, a new customer who had purchased his first home in 2009,” Gunning continued. “Unfortunately, he lost his roof in a severe storm earlier this year, which caused water damage to his second floor and to ceilings on the first floor.”

“Being a young and recent homeowner, dealing with this situation was even harder,” Iozzia wrote. “However, having a reliable and dependable insurer, like Cumberland, this ‘mini-disaster’ was made as easy as it possibly could be. The hard work and diligence the Company delivered has not fallen on blind eyes. My home is now better and stronger than it was before. This is a direct result of having Cumberland on my side. With service like this, it’s no wonder that Cumberland has been around for 166 years.”

“Our staff is successful in delivering this type of service because of their focused execution, teamwork, market knowledge, and passion. The motto in the Claims Department is ‘quick, efficient, and compassionate claims service in your time of need.’ I think it is fair to say we are meeting this challenge,” Gunning said.

“I am extremely proud of these outstanding results and our dedicated employees who provide excellent service every day,” said Cumberland Insurance Group President and CEO Paul J. Ritter, III. “We take very seriously the results gathered from our internal quality control efforts, and the unsolicited comments we receive from policyholders like Mr. Iozzia. After all, customer service is an ongoing process that requires a commitment to individual attention and continuous improvement. By developing a clear understanding of the needs and desires of the consumer, we are able to develop business approaches that are flexible and adaptable, and provide a positive customer experience.”

The Cumberland Insurance Group currently serves 120,000 policyholders through a network of 400 independent agents. In 2009, the Company had Total Admitted Assets of $323,285,582 and a Policyholders’ Surplus of $133,442,366. For more information about The Cumberland Insurance Group or to find an agent near you, please visit